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    Live Animal Cargo
     Natsu International is the professional in the transportation of live animals to all parts of
     the world by air, sea or land. Animals are shipped by the quickest and most direct routes,
     assuring the maximum safety and comfort for pets.
     We guarantee that the animal shipments are handled correctly and on schedule
     from start to finish.

    Live Tropical Fish Cargo
     When you rely on Natsu International for your aquaria shipments, live tropical fish get the finest
     care and you get the lowest rates and maximum convenience.
     Having a multi-hub system, our sales and marketing efforts go far beyond Thailand and
     our alliance. We offer excellent connections to any destination, either by air or by trucks,
     most of which are cool-trucks.

    Perishable Cargo
     No matter the product you need to transport. Our dedicated treatment for your fresh products and
     food stuff together with a quick delivery service at the final destination ensure a unique service
     for your perishable goods. Perishables include all cargo needing special attention in terms of
     temperatures, such as pharmaceuticals, fresh fruits, edible products, and flowers.
     Unlike for general cargo, in the perishables sector Natsu International deals mostly with
     shippers and consignees, who are the decision makers in this industry. The target customer
     group are the big worldwide importers, wholesalers shipping from various origins, such as
     Asia, Africa, South America, Far East, and North America. These origins, together with
     Thailand, are the main production areas for perishables.
      We Fly on Your Schedule
      Natsu International serves worldwide as special rates.
      For More Information Contact us via e-mail or by phone.