Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What kinds of goods can Natsu International ship?
Answer: We can ship all commodities/products such as garments, electronic & automotive parts, consumer goods, perishables and live animals. We are experts for Live Animal Transport and specialize in Live Tropical Fish shipments.
Question: What kinds of services can Natsu International provide for my shipment?
Answer: We can provide all necessary services and arrangements for shipments door-to-door or port-to-port such as:
-Inland transportation for picking up from your door and delivering goods to the airport or seaport
-Handling Export Documentation and Customs Clearance
-Warehousing and delivery
-Freight arrangements and brokering
-Logistics consultation for optimal shipping routes
Question: What information do I need to prepare to make a booking for cargo space for an international shipment by air?
Answer: In order to make a booking request you will need to advise:
-What kind of commodity/product type do you need to ship
-What the dimensions of your packages are and total number of pieces to be shipped
-What the final destination airport/city is for the shipment
-The Invoice and Packing List for the goods to be shipped
Question: Can Natsu International collect the freight charges at the destination or from the buyer/consignee?
Answer: Typically, most airlines will not accept these terms for perishable goods, but we can collect charges at select cities/airports where we have our agents to assist. For more information please contact us.
Question: How to calculate AIR FREIGHT CHARGES for Live Tropical Fish?
Answer: The total AIR FREIGHT CHARGE will include the air freight plus other airline fees such as the Crisis Risk & Fuel surcharges. For example, if the shipment Gross Weight is 200 kg it could be calculated, cost per kilogras as:\

Air Freight = 131/kg x 200 = 26,200
Crisis Risk = 04/kg x 200 = 800
Fuel = 40/kg x 200 = 8,000
TOTAL = 35,000 Thai Baht

The airliners will determine the chargeable weight to be used for calculation by using the greater of either the GROSS WEIGHT or VOLUME WEIGHT of the shipment.

Question: How to calculate VOLUME WEIGHT for Live Tropical Fish?
Answer: To calculate VOLUME WEIGHT you will multiply the dimensions of your packages (cm), the number of packages, then divide by 6,000. (Lenght X Width X Height X No. of Pieces) / 6,000) For example if you have 15 pieces and the dimensions of your packages are 40x20x20 the volume weight will be

(40x20x20x15)= 240,000/6,000= 40kg Volume Weight
The carrier will charge per kg by the volume weight should it be greater than the gross weight of your consignment.

Question: What EXPORT DOCUMENTS are needed for Live Tropical Fish?
Answer: The REQUIRED EXPORT DOCUMENTS for Live Tropical Fish / Aquatic Animals in Thailand are:

-Fishery License for Exporting (อ.6)
-Export Permit from DOF (ร.9)
-Invoice of goods
-Packing List of goods
-Certificate of Origin
-Live Aquatic Animal Health Certificate

Question: Can you export Thai Marine Ornamental Fish?
Answer: Yes, it is possible to ship Thai Marine Ornamental Fish, such as Anenome Fish (Clown fish), but they must originate from a licensed fish farmer (closed facility) and not fish caught from the wild.
Question: In the case of damaged/lost packages or dead fish upon arrival, can we claim a loss?
Answer: All claims must be made directly to the airliner. Each carrier have individual policies for claims and compensation. Natsu International, firstly, will make arrangements for shipments to avoid such damages but should any occur we will assist with communicating the claim with the carrier(s).

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