About Us

We are global freight forwarding professionals for both Air & Sea Cargo Services, specializing in Live Animals & Perishables Transport.

Natsu International Co., Ltd. provides proficient logistics and professional services at competitive prices, while maintaining a personable relationship with clientele. Our staff gives each shipper their personal attention and attends to the specific freight needs of the client while proactively monitoring each shipment to its destination.

We were established year 1988 in Bangkok, Thailand. We are based here and have become a leader in Live Animals & Perishables shipments, coordinating with our global partners to process shipments by air and sea for importation, transit and exportation. We are able to move containerized and loose freight from any point to anywhere in the world. As freight brokers we help ensure that all shipping requirements are met for a seamless process and transit.

For over 25 years our success has been based on our unwavering commitment to provide our customers the best in distribution solutions whether by air, land or sea. A commitment we are proud to stand behind.

We are proud Members of:

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